Frequently asked questions

How would you choose a contractor?

Choosing a contractor is an important decision.  A contractor should bring their experience to your project.  The quality of their workmanship should align with your expectations for your project.  During the project communication and trust are extremely important.  The best way to understand the company approach is to spend time with the contractor and visit completed as well as in progress job sites.

You mention team - who is on your team?

We focus on what we do best, so we involve the appropriate people to do the work that is needed.  Typically we work with architects, designers, engineers and the client to execute the project.  We team with subcontractors for painting, plumbing, electrical and tile to construct the project.  Our project managers run the show on the job site, coordinating and participating in the work that needs to be done.

On the job site, our project manager will take the plans and with close communication will implement those plans to complete the project.